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Invade Earth is an online game based on Risk 2210 A. D., Risk: Godstorm, and other variants of Risk. It is an open source freeware project that I created between 2005-2008. Invade Earth is not under active development, but… the security updates in Java 7 broke Invade Earth, so when people started asking about it, I rebuilt it and signed it with a legitimate certificate. You can access the latest version it below.


  • Multiple rule sets and maps, including Invade Earth A.D. 2210, Classic, Secret Mission, and Pantheon (our version of Risk: Godstorm)
  • Several expansions with new rules
  • Play against the built-in computer opponents
  • Play against your friends, either at home or across the Internet
  • Create your own custom maps
  • Set custom rule values to alter gameplay


Requires that you have Java 7 installed. Since it is Java-based, you can play it on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Mac users may have to jump through hoops disabling Gatekeeper and Safari “security” settings to get it to work. Latest version: 3.2.1


Classic Map

Standard Map